WashMe 5 for FREE Referral Opportunity

5 for Free FAQs

What is the WashMe™ 5 for Free?

WashMe’s 5 for Free is our referral program, which is an exciting way for WashMe members to earn Free monthly membership by inviting their family and friends to join the WashMe Program. To be eligible for this offer, you must be a paid Member of WashMe.

 How do I earn Free membership?

Refer your friends and family to join the WashMe Program and when 5 or more referrals register and activate a paid membership using your referral code your next month is free.

How do I refer my friends and family?

  1. Click the REFER FRIENDS button at the bottom of the home screen on your WashMe app.
  2. Click the REFER button next to your personal referral code.
  3. Select how you want to send the referral to your friends and family. (email or text)
  4. Select or enter all of your contacts to share WashMe with.
  5. Press send in text or email app.

Can I earn multiple months of Free membership?

YES, every month you have 5 or more Active Referrals (your personal referrals who have paid their membership for the current month) your next month is free… this can go on for as long as 5 or more or your personal referrals remain active.

What conditions must my referrals complete for me to earn the reward?

Only one, register and activate a paid WashMe membership using the referral code you provide.

I have sent the referral link but I haven’t received a free month yet?

You will not receive a free month until at least 5 of your referrals have activated their WashMe memberships. You can view your active referrals by selecting “My Referrals” in the “More” option of your WashMe App.

Can I Resend the link to my friends and family?

YES, you can resend the referral link as many times as you would like.

Is there a limit on how many friends I can refer?

NO, we encourage you to refer as many friends or family members as possible. Having additional Active Referrals ensures you have a cushion in case someone cancels.

What happens when one of my referrals cancels their membership?

There is no effect on your membership if any of your referrals cancels unless your total number of active referrals falls below 5, in this case your membership will be charged at the normal monthly membership rate.